Yet another study shows that mindfulness reduces stress

Time Magazine reported on a new mindfulness study today that was published in the journal Psychiatry Research. The study shows that people who took part in an eight-week course in mindfulness had lower hormonal and inflammatory responses than people who didn’t practice mindfulness.

Lead author, Dr. Elizabeth Hoge, who is an associate professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center said that “There’s been some real skepticism in the medical community about meditation and mindfulness meditation,” So she and her team set out to find some real answers.

The people meditated reported feeling less stressed than the control group. And their blood measurements of ACTH (which is a stress hormone released in the brain and then into the bloodstream) confirmed the same.

“We have objective measures in the blood that they did better in a provoked situation,” Hoge reported. “It really is strong evidence that mindfulness meditation not only makes them feel better but helps them be more resilient to stress.”