About The Mindful Moose 

TheMindfulMoose.com trains executives, professionals, and companies in mindfulness practices so that they can achieve enduring success and happiness in all their endeavors.

Each of the animals in the Animal Mindfulness Series represents a different lesson of mindfulness.

The results are in and the word is out

Experiment after experiment has shown the power of mindfulness to make people’s lives better. Research has shown that mindfulness builds resilience, increases productivityboosts emotional intelligence, enhances creativity, improves relationship skillsreduces feelings of loneliness, and on and on!

Because of its proven success rate, businesses around the world are adopting mindfulness practices at a fast pace. For example, this recent Harvard Business Review article discusses a number of meditating CEO’s.

There are, however, a couple of big challenges that many people find in adopting mindfulness practices. Both of which have been resolved by the moose. Perhaps you’ve already experienced the first struggle yourself…

Plain Vanilla Mindfulness can be… boring

One of the most common difficulties people have in taking up mindfulness is that they find it boring. At TheMindfulMoose.com, we’ve taken the “boring” challenge head-on. The main way we’ve done this by teaching a form of meditation that students who struggle with other forms find easier, more powerful, and more enjoyable.

And our moose-centric approach adds a bit of joy to the process.

But wait, is the Moose is just for laughs? Oh no! There’s much more to the moose than that!

What’s so special about the Moose?

A second huge struggle people have with mindfulness is that mindfulness practice, ironically, often becomes a source of added stress.

People learn about the power of mindfulness and decide to try it, but inevitably struggle to implement the change in their life. When this happens, they berate themselves for their failure.

This is especially sad since one of the core components of mindfulness practices is learning to disengage from self-judgment!

In Native American traditions, different animals are seen to embody different qualities. The moose–that awkward, boney-kneed, funny-nosed animal that also has a certain majestic quality–is considered to exemplify the quality of self-acceptance.

When people associate mindfulness with our Moose, and therefore with self-acceptance, it helps to remove the barrier of self-judgment, which, in turn, helps to pave the way to deeper practice.

If you still doubt the buddha-like quality of our mascot, then we offer you our Official Moose Challenge: See if you can tell three people about the Mindful Moose without getting six smiles.