Success Without the Stress Workshop

Our introduction to mindfulness workshop is Success Without the Stress.

In this workshop, executives and employees learn the following skills:

  • A number of practices that are so simple they can even be done during a stressful meeting.
  • How mindfulness can strengthen and enhance traditional business and leadership skills.
  • How mindfulness can help with two of the greatest challenges of business today, uncertainty and adversity.
  • Daily practices that can help create mental resilience.
  • A number of practices that help build one’s ability to connect with others.
  • A practice that builds the capacity for self awareness, which helps to recognize unproductive patterns.

Begin your Mindful Leadership journey with this immersive one day workshop on the foundations of mindfulness.

Customized Offerings for Businesses & Organizations

In addition to the above introductory workshop, we also customize workshops for individual organizations. Each offering is specifically designed to explore the intersection of mindfulness and leadership. 

With our trainings, corporations can transform their work environments into places of increased productivity, focus, creativity and happiness.

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